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Happy New Year 2021 – Bring On 2022 – The New Normal

January 3, 2022

Now having 2021 vision, again no-one would not have seen this year coming! 

Things weren’t good, then it got better, then we were in a bad way, then freedom, then OMG variant spoilt the party (a variant notation not approved by WHO or any other human on the planet!). Here we are at the end of 2021 in uncharted waters.

The New Normal – whatever that will be. 

Welcome back all our patients. It’s nice to some people for prevention rather than cure procedures!

 We are always grateful to all our wonderful patients, especially those that don’t really want to come in. Remember, the worst patient is the one that is not here. 

So, patients, you are all fantastic! 

I have a wonderful team who are very supportive of the patients, and are great assistants and amazing behind the scenes. 

I am always grateful to our dentists in the practice, without which, yours truly would not have any relief, and are great to be with.

I always enjoy mentoring the dentists and dental students that have come into the practice over the years, as we learn a lot from each other.

Seeing out 2021 -Sydney Style

What is there to look forward to next year?

Seeing people in real life without fear and getting along with each other with empathy.

Until we settle Mars, there is only one rock in the universe we can stay on, so let’s it treat it well.

Space X launch - Mars soon

Happy New Year Everyone!  2022 – Who knows?

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