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Australia Day 2022

January 31, 2022

Australia Day is a lot different this year. 

Getting Covid is all the rage. This is Omicron style. It’s everywhere. People are still dying, but many are getting a mild dose rather than the more serious Delta variant.

Australia Day 2022 at the Opera House

We are still in the pandemic, but there are crowds at the fireworks.

Crowds at the Fireworks

We are a nation with freedoms such as freedom of speech.

Now we have freedom… to infect each other. What a contrast to last year.

Freedom of Speech at Speakers corner with the Eureaka protest flag

We are working on respecting the first nation people.

First Nation respect and celebration

We need to thank all the frontline health staff who are being overrun by patients as we celebrate Australia Day. The essential services should be applauded for all their efforts, despite the personal peril they faced.

However, we have something to celebrate and protest about as Australians! Because we can! Many men and women died for this freedom.

We have as a nation of many different backgrounds, opinions, cultures and attitudes, who have come here because of these freedoms.

We need to do this together! Protect our Freedoms.

Happy Australia Day for the future, so we continue to be the lucky country.
Happy Australia Day - enjoy for the future

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