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The Conversation – Part 5 – Personal History

February 23, 2022

This conversation is to make your visit more comfortable. 

You may not like to be laid back too far.

Are you nervous?

Do you gag?

What music would like to hear? We have the whole world of sounds at our fingertips! We even have a selection of DVDs to watch, including adventure, and different parts of the world. Ah, dream on.

Adventure on screen

Do you have neck problems? We can provide a neck pillow.

Do you have difficulty swallowing or breathing?

Neck pillow - much better

Do you have hearing problems?

What are your expectations?

Do you need a family member or friend to translate or help you to understand?

Is the room at a comfortable temperature?

What’s new with you? We love an opinion or suggestion about anything… food, movies, the world…

Never Treat a Stranger!

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Next week

Freedom Day Part II with Omicron, fingers crossed!