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The Covid Grind

May 23, 2022
Covid grind - Pandemic stress

You, of course, have heard of social distancing, lockdown, get the jab, booster, LGA of concern, long Covid.

Now there is another expression – The Covid Grind.

There has been gnashing of teeth during this pandemic. Health, work, political, social, family and economic issues have caused upheavals in all our lives.

This has caused many of us to grind our teeth. The proper term is bruxism.

Grind mark as a shiny flat edge on tooth. Thin blue carbon paper used to assess bite.

This can cause the following:

Worn teeth from a heavy bite, causing filling to be lost

This recent phenomenon is becoming a sort of pandemic in the dental world. Even the yours truly has the Covid Grind (not Covid yet).

It is really important that you seek assessment and treatment.

Assessment of the Jaw Joint and Muscles

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