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Dentist goes to a Dentist too

October 22, 2018

Ever wondered if a dentist goes to a dentist? Well, the answer is that everyone needs a dentist! Dentistry is about prevention and protection. If you go to the dentist for your six-monthly regular check up, chances are you will keep your teeth for life!

At Seymour Dental, we are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!
Dr Seymour with his Loupes ready to give Dr Joy Liu a check up

Here at Seymour Dental, the staff get six-monthly recall letters (to remind us for our regular dental check ups as well). It is wonderful to be sitting in the patient chair, getting looked after and enjoying the star treatment!

Dr Joy and Sue ready to do a check up on Dr Seymour - looking relaxed

At Seymour Dental, it’s always about the people, many of whom we have known over many years. There are some we have known all their lives! See you soon.

Dr Joy Liu

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