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Have a lot of work to be done? HOW WE CAN HELP! Part 4 – MAINTENANCE PHASE

November 11, 2019

This stage ensures that your teeth are maintained in optimum condition in the long term by calling you back for check-ups. The recommended time between check-ups is dependent on your specific needs.

All the family smiling as they have happy teeth

Maintenance involves care with diet, cleaning, and awareness of changes and regular check-ups.

Diet & habits influence the environment of your mouth. This is so important not to allow what caused the problems with decay, gum, jaw and mouth problem to return and undoing all the treatment. Not to mention the financial cost of “re-correcting” treatment.

Who is spoiling your kids (and self) rotten
Think about diet, time to see dentist, clean teeth

Awareness of changes such as sensitvity, the biteulcers & lesions, and foodtraps. Prevention is better than cure!

Ulcer in cheek

Regular check-ups – we love to see you continue to have happy teeth, and mouth, for life!

Sue is happy that your gums are happy

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