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The Sugar Trap – The 5 A’s of Sugar Toxicity

October 12, 2020

I wish to acknowledge the basis of the information on the blogs about The Sugar Trap from Dr James Muecke, Australian of the Year, who is an ophthalmologist. He has seen the devastating impact of type 2 diabetes on eyesight.

He is the founder of Sight for All charity delivering speciality eye health training and equipment to low income countries.

He talks about the  A’s of suagar toxicity:

Eye catching pods of sugars - not always a good thing

Advertising and accessibility are obviuous. Sugar is everywhere. We are bombarded with commercial in all its fomats and media platforms. Sugar is there near the checkouts at the supermarkets.

There needs to be campaigns to show how addictive sugar is.

We are using it to alleviate stress and make is feel better when we are down. It is not healthy at all.

Not only that, there are claims that some products are healthy such as some orange juices but they are loaded with added sugar. There should be a transparent system showing the amount of added sugar to ALL products, such as teaspoons images on the package.

Some options he suggested is for advertising for high sugar products to be banned before 9pm, to avoid influencing children as its addictive. Also even banning outdoor advertising altogether of these products.

High sugar content extends across the whole processed food industry. People needs the facts.

Sweets are everywhere!

Even introduce a sugar tax may be necessary. Something needs to be done as Type 2 diabetes  costs the taxpayers of Australia about $20 billions a year.

At Seymour Dental our motto is we are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!

This sugar toxicity is preventable. By preventing it the outcomes are life-long for the body, the mind and the mouth.

May you all live a long healthy life!

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