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After Treatment Complications – Blog Series – Part 1

October 26, 2020

We should always be aware that the body is complex and marvellous. Our whole aim is help the body heal with whatever life throws at, whether it’s man-made or natural. Sometimes complications are foreseen and sometimes they are not. This blogs aim is “forewarned is forearmed”. 

Complications – follow up after treatment

We follow up on patients who we think may have a possibility of complications, to see if they are OK or need any post-operative advice. 

If in doubt please call!

Sue checking with Roni that all is OK from treatment

Complications – follow up – to check on diagnosis especially if has been difficult, such as referred pain

Sometimes the diagnosis of symptoms may not be obvious straight away. The perception of the patient may be confused as the brain may associate the symptom where there was a problem in the past, however, it may not be now the correct source of the symptoms. This can make the life of the dentist very difficult!

Complications – follow up after fillings placed

Remember all decay or cracks in teeth are an irritant to the nerve. We don’t know always how the nerve will cope with the treatment. However many  times a simple bite adjust if the filling has been left high, especially when the person has been numbed up, maybe all that is needed.

High spot on second molar with a tooth coloured filling found by ink bit of paper - needs to be adjusted

Importantly waiting for pain before getting treatment is GREATLY increasing the possibilities of complications. Also pain makes it harder to get you numb!!


Sue finding out from Roni there is a problem

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