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Australia Day – Covid style – 2021

February 1, 2021

Australia Day is a little different this year. 

No crowds at the fireworks. 

Only five visitors, including children, are allowed to visit people’s home in Sydney.

This is in sharp contrast to last year’s celebrations! where we had to deal with the worst bush fires on record. Instead we are dealing with a pandemic!

Fireworks Australia Day - Covid style - no crowds (Credit: NSW Govt)

No ferry races on the Sydney Harbour, but we managed a yacht race off the coast.

Australia day Yacht race, but no ferry race

But Covid couldn’t stop the Australian weather with a scorcher of 40 degrees in parts of Sydney, melting everything!

Mr Whippy melting in the 40 degree heat

However, we have something to celebrate as Australians! We have as a nation of many different backgrounds, opinions, cultures and attitudes, helped each other control the devastation that Covid has done to many nations around the world. We were the first nation to get competitive sport back, in some form, without causing an outbreak. Many people have been working tirelessly to keep people safe and sound. The essential services should be applauded for all their efforts, despite the personal peril they faced.

We did this together!

Happy Australia Day for the future, we are the lucky country. (We did make our own luck!)
Hopefully the Dawn of returning back to normal

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