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Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 – 3 to 6 years old continued – the 6 year molars

February 15, 2021

The six year molars starting forming at birth and break through into the mouth at 6 years old. They come up behind the baby molars and so looks like a large baby tooth, but it’s not. 

It’s an adult tooth, a forever tooth!!

This tooth sets the pattern for the bite of the future such that the new adult teeth that will replace the baby teeth usually for the bite set buy the six year old molars or more correctly the first molars. Please care of it as there is no second chance given by the body.

The anatomy of the tooth can form with very deep grooves known as fissures. Sometimes a preventive procedure known as a fissure seal is needed to prevent decay in the tooth. 

Six year old molar (1st molar) - Fissure seal treatment - Before and After

Sometime the birthing process or early childhood illness may affect the formation of this tooth leading to enamel defects that lead to

-Loss of tooth substance i.e. Hypoplasia and/or

Lower molar hypoplasia - loss of shape and enamel cover
Hypocalcification of all first molars

These teeth that are affected will need to be monitored or treated.

Left - loss of tooth structure and decay with hypocalcification; Right - tooth coloured filling placed

Early correction of the new molar teeth may need to be done as an early orthodontic corrective treatment. This will help in the correction of alignment of the jaws to each other, as this can affect chewing, swallowing and even speech.

Top right: Crossbite; Top left: Normal bite; Bottom right: lower teeth crowding; Bottom left: narrow & high palate
Fixed palatal arch appliance to correct cross bite
We want kids to have great teeth for life!!

By taking care of themselves and seeing the dentist regularly so that problems are prevented or treated early.

Dental kids pack - have great teeth for life

Next instalment: Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 – 7-11 years old

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