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Easter 2021

April 5, 2021

What a difference a year makes in the life of a planet. Twelve months ago we had a Covid 19 Easter. There were no in-church gatherings but instead online meetings and sermons. Then, as the Covid 19 infections dropped in Australia, the restrictions started to reduce. We moved from no church services, to socially distanced gatherings with masks, but no socialising afterwards. Someone could sing but had to be 5 metres from the congregation. We could gather outside, in the open, but only up to 20 and social distanced. 

As time moved on, the numbers and conditions kept changing, getting better, then went backwards with outbreaks, then better, then not….. anyway, we are now almost back to normal, then maybe not because of a quarantine hotel issue in another state…….. well, you get the picture, it’s been stressful!!

Jesus at the Passover meal

Jesus at his last Passover meal knew the sacrifice he was about to make for the world on that first Easter; to make it right with God for all of us, even though we don’t care about God.

Vaccinations are now being rolled out across the country for all to have for free, if you want to. Life may return to normal here in Australia. Spare a thought for the rest of the world where the virus has changed and become more aggressive. People are still dying and not everyone is accepting the vaccine.

Easter - The Cross on the Hill

Jesus rising from the dead is at the core of the Christian religion, because if he did not, then Christians are the biggest fools on the planet.

The world has had to come together to fight the pandemic, across religions, race, nations, cultures and different societies. The virus does not discriminate as we are the human race, together on this one & only planet fit for us to all live on…. no other options yet!

Have a thoughtful and safe Easter.

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