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Covid now in May 2021

May 31, 2021

At the time of writing Victoria is in the midst of another lockdown. This time there is a twist – its origin was from hotel quarantine in Adelaide. The overseas traveller had the more contagious Indian variant.

One hot spot was an AFL football game as a positive case was in the crowd! 


There are more than 3,000 primary close contacts, of which 63 per cent had already tested negative to COVID-19. Some Covid testing sites have a 3 hour wait. Businesses are already struggling and it can be devastating for some.

One café owner did not realise he was a hot spot until a customer buying a coffee said his business was on the list.

Coffee is more important than Covid.

Victoria's new Covid-19 cases since February 2021

People have become lax in Covid checking in and hand sanitisation, causing the government to clamp down and fine people. There was a protest against the lockdown with arrests being made.

One woman was caught breathing heavily on the media. She laughed, ran off, and was then arrested.

Victoria Police said there would be a high police presence across the CBD, on roads, and across the public transport network throughout the lockdown, with a zero-tolerance approach towards those caught deliberately breaking the rules.

This latest outbreak has affected the vaccine rollout. This has resulted in a six hour wait for the jab. You need to book for the vaccine to be given, but with the lockdown, people are just showing up and then being turned away.

What a mess! Mostly preventable!

August last year a blog on the second wave began in Victoria and eventually affected Sydney.

Again, repeating the same message as before –

Covid has changed our lives. The virus is indiscriminate. People think they can get away with things by ignoring the protocols.

No one will know, right? Wrong! The virus does not care what you think; it does what it does to survive. It has shown up areas of complacency and outright abuse and punishes the humans by saying “Thanks for that!”

Unfortunately, vulnerable people suffer and the economy then continues to suffer too.”

Please sanitise, if necessary wear a mask, and if unwell get tested and stay home.

How to Hand Rub with sanitiser

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