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Dental Health Week Blog Series – Part 2

July 19, 2021

Dental Health Week – How Much Sugar is Hidden in Your Trolley?

“You are what you eat and drink” and this has a major effect on the health of your teeth and gums.

Tooth decay is a diet-related disease that occurs in response to our eating or drinking of sugar. The sugar is taken up by decay-causing bacteria that live on the surfaces of our teeth. These types of bacteria metabolise the sugar, turning it into lactic acid which is then excreted on the surface of our teeth. This then reacts with the enamel where it draws out minerals from this surface layer of the tooth. If this process occurs over and over, without any effort to prevent or curb the disease process, it can eventually result in the weakening of the enamel and the formation of tooth decay.

Below are tips for reducing your sugar consumption to help prevent tooth decay.

How Much Sugar is Hidden in your Trolley

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Women’s Dental Health Week

Today our main goal here is to focus on raising the importance and awareness of oral health for women during key stages in their life.

Women have special oral health requirements during unique phases in their lives starting from puberty then moving onto menstruation and the use of contraception, pregnancy and menopause.

While most women today are not aware that they may be more susceptible to oral health issues we would like to help outline and give you an understanding of these unique hormonal changes that you as a woman will eventually experience.

Hormones have a major affect not only on the blood supply to the gum and tissue but also the body’s response to certain toxins that arise from plaque build-up. As a result of this, women are more prone to the development of periodontal diseasemouth ulcers, inflamed gums, gingivitis, altered taste sensations and dry mouth. The following are only a few of the oral health issues you will experience during this time so it’s important not only to be aware that these changes will happen but also learn how to maintain a good oral health routine to help prevent major issues down the track.

Women's Dental Health - Young Women
Menopause and beyond

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