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QR code and Lockdown in a Covid Safe World?! – Part Two

August 9, 2021

The Covid world is full of surprises, always changing, but more of the same. 

More of the same – home, work, takeaway pickup or delivery, exercise, online shopping, & viewing and, well you know – repeat.


The surgery’s QR code and being Covid safe now has an added dimension with the recent lockdown of Greater Sydney. Certain local government areas are further restricted in their movements outside their areas. Essential workers may leave the area but will need a Covid test every three days of work.

Covid Safe Badge

Further surprises

The delta variant has caused 11 million Australians to be under lockdown. Borders are again closed and New Zealand has stopped travel across the “ditch”. Melbourne has gone into lockdown 5.0, and regional NSW has even been affected.

People under 30 years of age are affected and one person in their late 30’s has died with no pre-exiting conditions.

OMG Surprise!

What’s worse than the above… a protest march in Sydney of three thousand people against the lockdown, probably causing an even longer lockdown… go figure!

The same pattern as overseas… don’t we ever learn.

Covid Vaccine injection

Vaccinations are being rolled at more sites than ever. Also, age requirements for Astra Zeneca have broadened, after seeking doctor’s advice. Pfizer supplies are being increased. Hopefully, now, we will catch up to the rest of the world with vaccinations.

Until then, lockdowns and restrictions will be happening if there is a tiny “leak” in the isolation wall, from the rest of the world. Many countries have higher vaccination rates but, because of a lack of simple precautions, the Delta variant has wreaked havoc.

We are the lucky country, only if we make our luck… together.

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