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When can I come to see the Dentist in a lock down?

September 6, 2021

NSW has gone into another month of lockdown with a new set of restrictions. The Delta variant is now affecting young children and adults as it has overseas. We are still protesting, and partying away causing more cases of Coved, hospitalisation, and unfortunately death. 

The list of hotspots is too numerous to list on the NSW health website so the new “word” for 2021 is LGA- Local Government Area.

Who would have ever thought that the amalgamation of councils into large LGA’s would cause more people to be affected by the next new term – LGA of concern. So “concern” is now hotter than hot!

LGAs area of concern (orange colour) in Sydney

Governments have not caused these LGAs of concern, but people do. Now there will be curfews in these LGA’s between 9pm-5am.

The vaccination rate is now climbing at an amazing rate.

Go team NSW!

Seymour Dental, at the moment, is not in an LGA of concern. The new guidelines are that the practice is now only seeing patients with essential treatments or to prevent potentially serious complications.

However, if you come from an LGA of concern then we will only see emergency cases. Ultimately it’s a clinical decision, assessed case by case. Ideally, a recent negative Covid test would be great but that might not be practical in an emergency situation.

If in doubt please call.

We have also delayed sending out reminders, as we cannot do only check-up and cleans for now. We haven’t forgotten to remind you but hopefully all reminders will be sent late September.

Fingers crossed!

Please when you do your essential travel to Seymour Dental:

  • QR code check-in
  • Please wear you masks properly – covering your nose and chin
  • Sanitise and not touch your face, nose or mouth

The waiting room is now a part of the surgery, so do the right thing for everyone.

Don’t worry we will remind you!

Oh! By the way when you have finished visiting us – Go Home!

How to hand rub with sanitiser

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