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Freedom Day Mark 2 with Omicron, fingers crossed!

February 28, 2022

Well 15th December was freedom day free of restrictions but Omicron put paid to that. We were free to infect each other! Thankfully for this variant is highly infectious but not as virulent, for some, as the Delta strain

Omicron, (another letter of the Greek Alphabet – ō micron – “small o”), Covid variant has entered from Africa. As I said before, they should rename it OMG variant.

Omicron variant - source UCLA newsroom

In January, the surgery was hit hard, at one point five staff off sick or in isolation as close contacts from the Christmas and New Year’s period. Many patients cancelled for the same reasons, as well as some fearful to leave the safety of home. It was a self-imposed lockdown by the population.

So Freedom Day Mark 2 will occur on Monday 28th February 2022. Most restrictions will be eased including mask wearing. Also overseas travellers are on their way. Testing, even self-testing, is not as prevalent as before.

So we are really at the mercy of the virus. So we now say, “We have to decide to learn to live with the virus”.

Well it’s the virus that decides to live in us, anyway it can.

We will see what happen. Seymour dental will continue to require people to mask up in the waiting room and sanitise their hands. These are simple precautions against an uncertain future.

Gloves, Alcohol Rub Sanitiser, Masks for patients and visitors in waiting room, sorry no magazines for your safety

Infection control has not changed as we assume everyone, potentially has a new disease, and they could be patient zero! We definitely do not want to share the love!

Roni at the start of the day testing the autoclaves

Please stay safe.

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