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Update on Remineralisation of White Spots

March 7, 2022

Remineralisation is the treatment of areas of dismineralisation. Ok, so what did I say? Well, dismineralisation is defective enamel that has not formed as crystals but as chalky calcium powder structure, or a white patch. 

Upper and lower teeth with generalised white surface patches

Remineralisation is the treating the affected enamel surface and allowing the saliva to recrystallise the treated area.

The process of removing the white patch is micro-abrasion. A slurry or paste with mild abrasive material and chemicals is worked into the white patch.

Treatment of white patches - slurry worked into the tooth by special brushes

The treatment depends on how deep the white patch. This cannot be determined by an x-ray. The limit is when the tooth surface has flattened. Any further removal, then a crater may develop.

Even so the white patch will eventually be covered by new enamel and soften the “whiteness” of the patch. However, if the affected areas are shallow then it is permanently removed.

Upper and lower teeth treated - white patches gone!
Yes, gone for life!

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