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Nervous – How We Can Help You

March 14, 2022

A visit to the dentist is not always on top of everyone’s list of the places to be. Some people are nervous when they come in. Sometimes they say “I am not a good patient”.  I say “The worst patient is the one who is not here”. You made it here.

Often you find many people have had a bad experience when they are younger or as a child.


We try and find out what they are nervous about.

Is it the posture in the chair that makes it difficult to swallow?

Do they gag?

Difficult to keep their mouth open?

Sensitivity when getting teeth cleaned?

Just being here!

Here are some suggestions:

Please eat before coming in (unless you are having sedation. This help with the blood sugar levels. When you are nervous and skip a meal, your blood sugar falls, and you are prone to fainting or you do not cope well. In other words, you can drop your blood pressure.

Short visits, starting with simple work, allows you to build confidence.

Sometimes a small dose of Valium (if medically ok to do so) the night before can relax some people. This can be helpful for some children.

Sometimes we can do treatment in a way that may not need anaesthetic.

Sedation may be an answer to complete a lot of work, or difficult procedures. This depends if you are suitable for this medically and the type treatment needing to be carried out.

Ultimately prevention is better than cure!

Our mission

At Seymour Dental, we are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!

Sue saying thanks to all the patients who made it in

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