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ANZAC DAY 2022 – Living with COVID & War?

April 25, 2022


This year Anzac Day will return to some aspect of normality. Even though many people are getting Covid, the predominant variant Omicron is not as aggressive as Delta but is more transmissible. About 95% of the population are double vaxxed with 60% triple vaxxed. So we’re living with the virus for now, as long as it’s nice to us. The virus will do what it wants to do regardless of our opinions.


There is now tension in Australia with China from its trade sanctions and its relationship with Solomon Islands.

There is tension in the world with Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine and also with China, with its handling of Hong Kong and its attitude towards Taiwan.

Australia is sending military aid to the Ukraine in the form of money, coal and military vehicles and defence systems. Also, economic sanctions have been levied against Russia.

Lest We Forget

The Anzacs had to deal with the First World War and then came home to the Spanish Flu!

Anzacs are now more involved with peace keeping and humanitarian services. 

However, there is a track record of fighting other people’s wars.

Let’s hope the sacrifices of the Anzacs will not be in vain in the coming years. Freedom of speech is being threatened with cancel culture.

New variants of Covid may render all progress of protection redundant.

Will history repeat itself?

Lest we forget ... to our peril

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