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Sugar Trap Blog Series

May 16, 2022

This is one big con about the need for sugar. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommended we eat products made from white flour, rice, and potatoes, which contain refined carbohydrates. They are basically pure starch that is converted in the gut to glucose. Therefore, you are eating sugar. 

The dietary guidelines are flawed!


There is no dietary process that demands we eat sugar or carbs. Early humans evolved on a wide range of fresh seasonal foods and they did not develop type 2 diabetes.

Before the 1600’s sugar was expensive. Only the rich could afford the expensive imported product. This included Queen Elizabeth I who came to the English throne in 1558, and cleaned her teeth with sugar and even honey. Thus, sugar became a status ingredient as it needed to be imported.

The boom in the sugar trade increased the availability and popularity of sugar. About 100 years ago, dietary guidelines were introduced, and at the same time sugary drinks, breakfast cereals, and highly processed foods came on the scene.

Thus, the modern world’s addiction to sugar began. 

Enjoy the blogs, they don’t give you diabetes or decay!

Avoid sugar!
Medieval times - the start of the Sugar Trap

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