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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2018 – Part 3

January 21, 2019

As we progress past the middle of the year July continues the series on the jaw joint complex of the teeth, muscles and joints. This part of the year really stresses these parts of the body; being tax time, school exams, life…… need I say more.


This month we explore the muscle aspect of the jaw joint complex, which is complex! Then we explore a common muscle issue in dentistry called Trismus. The series continues with the treatment of Trismus.

The joints aspect of the jaw joint complex is then explored with the assessment of the joints. The month ends with an interesting blog assessing the sounds the joint makes to help with diagnosis and treatment.

Assessment of the Jaw Joint and Muscles


Matters of the jaw joint continue with the medical causes of joint sounds. Home treatments and professional therapies of the these jaw joint issues are then shown and explained. These joints do get a lot of work out!

Team Miroma begins preparation for the Harbour Bridge 10 km Charity Run in September to raise awareness and funds adults with disabilities. Win-Win! We get to exercise with a great goal at the end of it for many people who are often forgotten. Bring on September!

James at his happiest enjoying dancing and music at Miroma


This is Team Miroma month with training with Katka,who is a friend, a personal trainer, and joining Team Miroma for the first time on the bridge. Team Miroma gets ready with Dr Joy Liu as the other member of the team. The big day arrives and we all made it across the line with some drama in the Bridge Run 2018. Thanks everyone who helped and who donated, always a great time of the year!

The month ended with prevention of jaw joint problems. Prevention is better than cure – always!

Katka saluting the bridge

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