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Soda Water – Is it OK?

May 17, 2021

Let’s be honest, water is best. Yes, I know there is more to life than water!

Soft drinks are not good as they contain sugar, carbonic acid and caffeine.

Then we can go all out and have high caffeinated soft drinks.

Sport drinks are just very acidic.

All these variations of man-made water mean that some people actually replace water as part of their diet. 

Not good for the body, only if you like diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones and the list goes on.

For the mouth, dissolving of the tooth surfacedecaysensitivitydry mouth and gum disease and the list goes on.

Where does soda water fit here?

Soda water is also known as carbonated water. It is created by dissolving carbon dioxide gas in water – this creates an acid known as carbonic acid. The carbonic acid causes the pH of soda water to be lower than plain water but it is not as low as fizzy soft drinks.

Soda stream - home made Soda Water

Even if a fizzy drink does not have sugar as an ingredient, ingredients such as phosphoric or citric acid, which lead the drink to have a low pH value can cause damage to our teeth. The lower the pH value then the more acidic the drink. This can cause damage to the surface of our teeth.

Soda water (without sugar) has a pH value higher than that of fizzy soft drinks. It’s a more favourable option, to make water less boring, but it should still not replace water.

pH of Things

Any drink with bubbles present will have some form of acid, either as an added ingredient, such as phosphoric or citric acid (on labels called food acids 338 and 330), or carbonic acid found in soda water.

The best beverages for the health of our teeth, gums, and saliva are milk and plain water.


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