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  • Dr Mary Hatem

    More on Dr Mary Hatem

    Dr Mary Hatem has a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Pharmacy, also from the University of Sydney. Mary previously worked in ...
  • Oral candidiasis - White coating on tongue

    Dr Mary Hatem on Fungal Infections of the Mouth

    Oral Candidiasis or oral thrush is an opportunistic infection of the tissues of the mouth, which means it presents when people have decreased levels of immunity or local ...
  • Pulp exposed but no bleeding or symptoms

    Item 411 – Direct pulp capping – Blog by Dr Mary Hatem

    When decay goes a little too far… When assessing a bitewing x-ray of teeth, dentists can usually tell whether decay extends very close to the nerve of the tooth, known ...
  • Sherwin and Pokemon

    Happy New Year to you all!

    Goodbye 2018 and bring on 2019! This has been an eventful year for the Seymour Dental team. Dr Joy Liu joined the Seymour Dental dentists, as did Dr Kim Nguyen and Dr ...
  • Simple Passover Easter Communion

    Celebrating Easter

    The Passover meal was the final meal of Jesus, with all his disciples, before the day of him being put on the Cross. It was celebrated in a small upstairs room. The bread ...
  • Halloween Treat - too much sugar - decay and diabetes - yum

    Happy New Year – Highlights of 2017 – Part 4

    October Tooth sensitivity, a common complaint of patients, starts off the month, and tooth erosion another common problem, are both explained by Dr Kim Nguyen. Team Miro ...