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Blog Series: Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 1

September 20, 2021

Children are dynamic and changing little people, who can be a handful at times but are fun and always surprising. Enjoy the blog links and the short intro to each part of a child’s extraordinary development throughout their ages.

Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 1 – Birth to 1 year

Baby at their best

The dental visit is helpful for the parent and the child. They get used to being in a dental surgery and used to a health professional team fussy over them! We can help with teething issues. At six months the first teeth come through, usually on the bottom jaw. The dentist can check if the teeth are coming though in order. If there is a delay then rarely an extra tooth may be in the way or it may not be there at all.
However, sometimes your child may be just late in getting their teeth and everything is otherwise normal. The variation can be six months. If necessary an x-ray may need to be taken.

Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 2 – 1 to 2 years old

Who is spoiling your kids rotten?

This is the fun time for parents all the baby teeth by the age of two are fully thought in the mouth. There are twenty teeth with various types of baby tooth anatomy. The fun part is teething occurs when the teeth “erupt” or break through the gums into the mouth. This can be painful for the child.

It’s also very important to watch the diet to prevent decay.  Remember if the sweets are not in the house then the child can’t have any. The parents lead by example!

There are habits that need to be corrected as well! Please read the above blog link.

Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 – 3 to 6 years old

Primary teeth eruption chart

From ages 3-5 years the number of baby teeth remains constant at 20. The main areas to watch are between the back teeth, i.e. the last and second last teeth known as the deciduous molars. This is a common area of decay. Decay occurs just below where teeth touch together. In an adult this is about half way up tooth that is seen, so usually it’s above the gum. Adult teeth touch each other like two balls touch each other. Baby molars touch each other like two boxes so the decay often starts at or just below the gum.

The baby teeth are not disposable teeth, but are there to provide chewing and swallowing function and hold the space in preparation for the adult teeth. Therefore preserving the baby teeth is important.

Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 – 3 to 6 years old continued – the 6 year molars

Six year old molar (1st molar) - Fissure seal treatment - Before and After

The six year molars starting forming at birth and break through into the mouth at 6 years old. They come up behind the baby molars and so looks like a large baby tooth, but it’s not.

It’s an adult tooth, a forever tooth!!

This tooth sets the pattern for the bite of the future such that the new adult teeth that will replace the baby teeth usually for the bite set by the six year old molars or more correctly the first molars. Please care of it as there is no second chance given by the body.

Sometimes a preventive procedure known as a fissure seal is needed to prevent decay in the tooth.

This tooth is important for many reasons so check out the above blog link.

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