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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2019 – Part 3

January 20, 2020


Passing halfway through the year, this month started with the continuation of the Different Types of Lesions in the Mouth series (not pleasant!):

Geographic tongue, the cause of which is unknown, is a fairly common condition that can occur any time in life. This is another blog that shows some interesting effects on the human body.

Then onto something completely different! Dance for Abilities – Brazilian Carnivale PartyDance for Abilities is an organisation in Australia that organises and runs social events for the intellectually disabled community. Their aim is that everyone deserves a great night out and our aim is to bring the community together in some of Sydney’s hottest locations to socialise and dance the night away.

James at the Dance for Abilities Brazilian Carnivale Party with the Dancers and the Band

The Blog Series – Teeth Anatomy rounded off the month.


The Blog Series – Teeth and Jaw Development began the 8th month of the year. Enjoy the blog series on how we develop in different aspects of the mouth – the teeth, jaw bones and their effects on the face, sinuses and nose.

The Gag Reflex is not always the dentist’s friend! The purpose of the gag reflex is to prevent oral contents from entering the throat, except during normal swallowing, thus protecting the airway and preventing choking. However some people are hypertensive.

Removal of white patches on teeth is possible to do!

Team Miroma – The Sydney Harbour Bridge Charity Run 2019 – Adults with Challenges and Abilities and this will be our 11th amazing year for Team Miroma. We are again raising funds for Inala. Donations can also be sent to the Miroma by logging on to the website at

James - A young man at Miroma
On the main deck

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