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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2019 – Part 4

February 3, 2020


Professional Responsibility of a Dentist started the last quarter of the year. There is a lot we dentists have to comply with, which has grown over the years. Paperwork never ends!

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

The series “Have a lot of work to be done? HOW WE CAN HELP!” is a timely reminder that there are many options to care that are not overwhelmingly, both in the experience itself and the financial aspects too. This was further explained by the different phases to care with Have a lot of work to be done? HOW WE CAN HELP! Part 2 CONSERVATION PHASE. Also Team Miroma 2019 says Thank You for all the support for raising awareness for those in our community that have no voice.

Inala poster


The blogs on “Have a lot of work to be done? HOW WE CAN HELP!” continues with the next phases of treatment.


Worn teeth causing overclosure of bite
Front view of build up & fillings - getting back to a normal bite & look.
Think about diet, time to see dentist, clean teeth

Then blog series on Halloween Treat-And-No-Trick and Caffeine Drinking closes out the second last month of 2019.

Halloween Treat - too much sugar - decay and diabetes - yum


More Blog Series start the last month of 2019 with Sensitivity and Treatment of Sensitivity. Sensitivity is not an emotional quality in the mouth but an annoying, and sometimes debilitating, nerve response that really bugs the brain! Essentially the surface that covers the dentine is lost and this is not good. The dentine is the layer under the enamel that covers the tooth above the gum.

The moral of the story is the dentine is not meant to be exposed AT ALL to the hostile environment of the mouth, period!


Enamel defects (Hypoplasia and Hypo-calcification) leads to porous enamel that has a matt white appearance and no crystal like appearance. The non-crystallised enamel is easily worn and more prone to decay and can be sensitive.

The year ends with Merry Christmas for 2019 and Happy New Year 2019, bring on 2020. Thank you everyone who works or deals with Seymour Dental and especially to the wonderful people who warm the dental chair, some of whom for many years!

All the best for 2020!
Seymour Dental Christmas 2019

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