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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2021 – Part 3 – July to Sept

January 26, 2022


Do Dental Problems Affect The Rest Of The Body? Part 2 starts off the month with a very important question. The answer is yes as the body is all connected.

For example, research shows that people who have gum disease have a harder time controlling their blood sugar levels. Regular periodontal care can improve diabetes control.

Covid and the Delta Strain was first identified in India and is known as B.167.2. While fever and cough have always been common Covid symptoms, and headache and sore throat have traditionally presented for some people, a runny nose was reported more than before with this variant. Wonderful news for July!

Dental Health Week Blog Series – Part 2 gathers together various dental health week topics – Hidden Sugar and Women’s Dental Health.

How Much Sugar is Hidden in your Trolley
Menopause and beyond

QR Code and Lockdown in a Covid Safe World?! – Part One ends July with more Covid restrictions. Double wonderful!


Keep your Smile for Life – Dental Health Week 2-8 August 2021 is a nice change from Covid!

But Covid does not go away with QR code and Lockdown in a Covid Safe World?! – Part Two. There is always something new happening with New Aspects of Gingivitis and the Body and important information to share with Dental Imagery Radiation Facts.

Dentist at large – The Jab shows the excitement and traveling out of a lockdown…. for a jab!

Receiving the Jab with the Dad Uber driver looking on - one down, one to go


A burning question for the month When can I come to see the Dentist in a lock down?. Then more news things to know with Drugs in Dentistry: What’s new?

The month rounds off with the Blog Series: Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 1 and Part 2. The extensive blog series covers from birth to 18 years old.

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