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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2020 – Part 4 – October to December

January 25, 2021


The Sugar Trap

This is one big con about the need for sugar. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommended we eat products made from white flour, rice, and potatoes, which contain refined carbohydrates. They are basically pure starch that is converted in the gut to glucose. Therefore you are eating sugar.

Medieval Times - the start of the sugar trap

The Sugar Trap – The 5 A’s of Sugar Toxicity

I wish to acknowledge the basis of the information on the blogs about The Sugar Trap from Dr James Muecke, Australian of the Year, who is an ophthalmologist. He has seen the devastating impact of type 2 diabetes on eyesight. He is the founder of Sight for All charity delivering speciality eye health training and equipment to low income countries.

Eye catching pods of sugars - not always a good thing

Covid has not gone away with the Blog Series – More on Covid-19. “The virus shows up everybody’s mistakes, no matter who they are. Even President Trump and his wife have the virus! Overseas, many countries are having their worst one day spike in cases since the start of the pandemic.” Sound familiar?

October saw some dental information without Covid in an After Treatment Complications – Blog Series – Part 1. We should always be aware that the body is complex and marvellous. Our whole aim is help the body heal with whatever life throws at, whether it’s man-made or natural. Sometimes complications are foreseen and sometimes they are not. This blogs aim is “forewarned is forearmed”.

Sue checking with Roni that all is OK from treatment


Covid also changed the annual event of the last decade of raising awareness and funding for young adult with disabilities, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Run. This usual happens in September. It was delayed to October, then to November where it was cancelled in its usual format….  about 10,000 people gathering together for a 10km run across the Bridge and eventually finishing at the Opera House. Not very Covid safe!

However, it went virtual, which meant we could run anywhere with anyone anywhere too. So I ran with my son and friend in Sydney and with Aisha, social media manager, in Melbourne …. Read the blogs on how we did it and why we did it.

Team Miroma – The Sydney Harbour Bridge Virtual Charity Run 2020 – Adults with Challenges and Abilities

James - A young man at Miroma
Team Miroma Harbour Bridge Virtual Run - Aisha in Melbourne; Robbie, Adam, Anthony in Sydney
James enjoying the Ferry Ride across the Harbour
Trismus with pain on trying to open
Baby at their best

This is the fun time for parents all the baby teeth by the age of two are fully though in the mouth. There are twenty teeth with various types of baby tooth anatomy. The fun part is teething occurs when the teeth “erupt” or break through the gums into the mouth. This can be painful for the child.

It’s also very important to watch the diet to prevent decay.  Remember if the sweets are not in the house then the child can’t have any. The parents lead by example!

Finally a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021, hopefully 2020 will become a memory of a distant past-never to be repeated again!

Fireworks on the Harbour on a Grand Scale in the pre-Covid world

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