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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2021 – Part 4 – Oct to Dec21

February 7, 2022


Blog Series: Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 completes the extensive blog series. I am amazed how much knowledge there is for different aspects of dentistry!

This yearly event, except with Covid, now a virtual event of The Sydney Harbour Bridge Virtual Charity Run 2021 – Team Miroma – for Adults with Challenges and Abilities. The 10 km run over the virtual Harbour Bridge now located at Cooks River Earlwood/Marrickville this year.

Whoo Hoo! The Sydney Harbour Bridge Charity Run 2021 – Team Miroma – We Virtually Did It Again! – For Adults with Challenges and Abilities. Special thanks go to Gillian, our Dental Student/Nurse, who kindly ran with the man this year.

Gillian and the man at Cooks River at the start of the Run

The rest of the month was about Covid Freedom Day?! –

Covid 19 – Freedoms getting closer? Part 1 – UK lessons

Covid 19 – Freedoms getting closer? Part 2 – Dentistry lessons.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge Charity Run 2021 – Team Miroma – We Virtually Did It Again! – For Adults with Challenges and Abilities – Melbourne. Yes, there is a virtual Harbour Bridge in Melbourne. Thank you for everyone who donated and for raising awareness for Adults with disabilities.

The Vaccine and Dentistry. All good! Now that Freedom Day for Dentistry is here, we are now able to treat everyone for all types of Dentistry. Sorry we are a bit late with the reminders as we had to hold back three months’ worth due to restrictions on non-essential treatment.

Think about diet, time to see dentist, clean teeth

Halloween 2021

People are still tentatively returning back to normal, as we start to see people, in real life that we haven’t seen in months.

Very weird, like Halloween; seeing ghosts on a screen coming to life!

It’s now good to have The Conversation. Now the “IRL”, in real life world is now surreal. We have to learn to see people again. This means having conversations, understanding body language, facial expression, being in a crowd, and reading the room.

This includes The Conversation – Medical History – Part 1.

IRL - in real life - conversations are back


The conversation continued with The Conversation – Medical History – Part 2 – Family History, Part 3 – Dental History and Part 4 – Social History.

Merry Christmas from Seymour Dental 2021 – Year of Again Living Differently. 2022 is starting out as no different, here’s looking to 2023.

Cheers to all and masks on, yes, still stay safe.

Christmas Dinner 2021 almost back to normal

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