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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2021 – Part 1 – January to March

January 10, 2022

Last year was black swan event. Well this year is the black swan event that keeps on giving. Covid has been the constant in the foreground and in the background. We are not out of it yet, and have to live with it, only time will tell. When we thought we could control it, another Greek letter of the alphabet variant enters the country, and turns our lives upside down.

Delta Variant

All the while we try and lead some sort of normal, and Seymour Dental is there to keep helping people.

Here is the Year of 2021, of continually living on the edge and loving the mask!


The highlights of 2020 part 1part 2, part 3, and part 4 showing the massive effect of the first year of Covid changes on our lives, and trying to keep going as Seymour Dental.

Coronavirus (Source:


The month started with celebrating Australia Day Covid style but with no crowds, at least there were no devastating bush fires.

Fireworks Australia Day - Covid style - no crowds (Credit: NSW Govt)

There was the continuation of the Check-ups throughout their ages Part 3, 3-6 years old, and part 3 continued with the 6 year old molars. February ended with our yearly medical emergencies in the dental practice 2021 – Anaphylaxis – Part 1 – Oxygen.

Always a lot learn and to refresh our training so to be prepared for the unexpected.


We continued our medical emergency training with Anaphylaxis – Part 2 – Adrenaline.

Roni giving a lifesaving Adrenaline shot into Albo's thigh who is going into anaphylaxis shock

We continue our series on what our patients do with Luke the Writer

Lost Girl book cover by L. J. Kendall
Javier and his work Split Memory

Check-ups throughout their ages series continued with Part 3 – 7-11 years old, and Part 4 – 12-18 years old.

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